Maximum Home Value Program

Repair Your Home And Sell FAST For Maximum Value!

No Out Of Pocket Expenses!

We help homeowners repair their homes quickly and get full resale value!

What Causes A House To Sell Fast For Maximum Value?

"63% of buyers prefer a higher priced home that does not require any renovations over a lower priced home that needs work."

-Study by Maritz Research

Program Benefits

Strike the right balance between improvement dollars invested and the value those improvements return to your bottom line at the sale.

Net The Most Money

Ultra Fast Sale

Low Hassle

No Payments Required

No Dealing With Contractors

Receive Contractor Direct Pricing

Reduce or Eliminate Property Inspection Objections

Reduce the Risk of Appraisal Deficiencies

You’re In Control of All Decisions

Smooth and Simple Process


No gimmicks! A professional experienced team handles everything for you.

Quick Low Hassle Process

Pay Nothing Until You Sell

No Payments Required

Fast Scope of Work Execution

Contractor Pricing on Materials and Labor

No Payments

Actual Cost of Materials – No Markups!

Good Documentation & Protection

Large and Small Jobs Welcome

Repairs and Services We Handle

Debris & Trash Removal

Landscaping Installation or Repair

Plumbing / Electrical / Mechanical

Sheetrock / Drywall / Texture / Plaster

Handyman / Painting & Touch Up

Flooring / Wood / Tile / Laminate

Professional Cleaning

Staging / Showcasing / Decluttering / Storage Unit Haul

A study of 260,000 distressed properties revealed that a minor investment of $7,780 was enough to bring the property up to par and sell it for full market value.

Which Repairs or Upgrades Have The Highest ROI?

A HomeGain survey of 500 real estate professionals nationwide revealed some guidance on where to invest the money.

Top 10 Highest ROI Home Projects

  1. Clean & De-Clutter; recommended by 99% of professionals.
  2. Lighten & Brighten; recommended by 96% of professionals.
  3. Electrical & Plumbing Repairs; recommended by 93% of professionals.
  4. Landscaping; recommended by 97% of professionals.
  5. Staging; recommended by 76% of professionals.
  6. Shampoo Carpets; recommended by 99% of professionals.
  7. Repair Floors; recommended by 93% of professionals.
  8. Paint Interior; recommended by 94% of professionals.
  9. Update Kitchen & Bathroom; recommended by 70% of professionals.
  10. Paint Exterior; recommended by 79% of professionals.

Based on this data, $1,000 invested in charted home repairs, results in an average benefit of $2,500 which translates into an average ROI of 40%.

“Homes that sold in the first 4 weeks average 1% above listing price, compared to homes that sold later average 5% or more below list price.”

-National Association of Realtors

Case Study

A client owned an investment property in which the tenant had abandoned the home mid-winter, and since the electric and gas account was in the tenant’s name, they canceled it and left the property unattended. Unfortunately the pipes burst, followed by warmer weather which resulted in a mold issue by the time the owners discovered the problem.

The owner originally listed the property for sale “as-is” at the price they “needed” in order to avoid a big loss, but it would not sell. They were caught in the middle between needing more than it would sell for in as-is condition, but far lower than it would sell for in repaired condition. In addition to very bad timing of the incident, the damage was extensive enough that the owners did not have enough extra cash to pay out of pocket to get the repairs done. They could not obtain regular financing due to the poor condition of the property. They were uninterested in the high cost of alternative financing for such a short period of time.

We were able to solve the problem by lending them the necessary funds at low cost and obtaining contractor pricing on labor to make the repairs. We managed the entire process on their behalf and got the property sold for them at the highest price on record at that time for a house of its kind in their neighborhood.

How much of a difference did this really make? It was significant.

As-Is Listing Price: $196,572

Actual Repairs: $30,750

Actual Sales Price: $299,900

Gross Sales Price Difference: $103,328

Gross Sales Proceeds Less Repairs: $72,578

Keep in mind, this customer was unable to sell the property in as-is condition without taking a loss, and that wasn’t an option for them. Instead, they were able to turn a loss into $72,578 in gross proceeds. The question becomes, would you leverage $30,750 to make $72,578? In case you don’t have a calculator handy, that’s 42.36% return on investment. I think for most people it’s a resounding yes, especially if you can do it with no money out of pocket. That’s the kind of plan we work to put together for you.

This case study is meant to demonstrate that we can handle large jobs, but in most cases, they’re small jobs and small amounts of money leveraged to make a large difference in sales price and net proceeds for the seller.

“One recent NAR survey revealed that a 1 – 3% investment yields an 8 – 10% return.”

Small investment yields a big return – NAR

The Process

  • In-home consultation to learn about your goals
  • As-is market analysis to assess how much you could sell for now
  • Scope of repair work; do as much or as little as you choose
  • Request for bids; we obtain bids for the repair work
  • Bid Selection; review and select a repair services provider
  • Scope of Work scheduling; synchronizing the action to the plan
  • Scope of Work Completion
  • Post Repair Market Analysis; confirm how much you could sell for as-repaired
  • Listing for sale; we market and secure a buyer on your behalf
  • Contract for sale; we represent you throughout the contract and closing every step of the way
  • Inspection
  • Appraisal
  • Closing

We guarantee all jobs are done as if it were our own home; professionally, respectfully, and on-time.

"Two-thirds of homeowners who’ve attempted a do-it-yourself house project, say they regret not calling in an expert."

-Survey by ImproveNet

Other Alternatives We Offer

Direct Buy Program. Receive a bonafide fair market offer from us closing on a timeline of your choosing. At that point, we will be responsible to deal with all the issues the home has.

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