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Featured Mortgage Products



  • Exclusive low rates and pricing

  • Conventional Elite Fixed and ARM rates starting at 700 FICO/$200K/80% LTV

  • FHA Elite and VA Elite rates starting at 640 FICO, $125K/no minimum LTV

  • Appraisal waivers honored on Conventional Elite loansElite



  • Minimum 680 FICO

  • Primary or second homes (1–2 units)

  • Available on any Conventional Fixed or ARM loans with DU approval

  • For Purchases and Rate/Term Refis up to 80% LTV, assets must equal at least $500,000 or 1.5X the loan amount, whichever is lower


(Available until 5/31/2018)


  • Borrower puts down 1%

  • MMI contributes 2%

  • Resulting in 3% equity at closing

  • Minimum 720 FICO

  • Available with no monthly Mortgage Insurance

  • Close in 30 days or less

$525 Appraisal Credit Homeready and Home Possible Products

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Home Loans

Getting a home loan shouldn't be a stressful or frustrating experience.

Say goodbye to home loan anxiety with our Fast and Easy Mortgage! You'll actually enjoy getting a home loan with our smooth comfortable process. So you can feel prepared and excited when you fund your perfect dream home.

The Home Loan Approval Process

Home loans today are primarily underwritten and approved based on 4 categories, which are; 1) the borrower's ability to repay the loan out of regularly scheduled income from their primary occupation; underwriters call this "Capacity", as in capacity to repay the home loan. 2) Credit history is also heavily factored along with 3) "Capital"; the amount of down payment contributed by the borrower, and 4) "Collateral"; the appraised value of the property.

What We Do To Ensure A Smooth Process For You

The Realty and Finance Team will quickly help you assess the first three categories of home loan requirements to be sure you won't have any issues once you've found your perfect home.

One of the biggest sources of stress in the home loan process arises when doubt is cast about the approval of the borrowers capacity, credit history, or down payment. Our team will work with you up front to make sure your credentials are in order so you don't lose your dream home once you've gotten it under contract.

Our team of real estate agents and lenders work closely together to ensure all of your contractual dates in the purchase agreement are strictly followed so your earnest money is always fully protected. In fact, we guarantee your earnest money deposit if it is ever lost through any fault of ours, and it will be promptly refunded.

We help you avoid costly expenses that arise when real estate agents and lenders fail to effectively communicate about the coordination of the home inspection and home appraisal. We will make sure you do not spend any unnecessary funds on the home inspection or home appraisal fees, we guarantee it with a full refund of any error on our part.

Home loan underwriting conditions may require the assistance of a number of professionals involved in the transaction. We work together to seamlessly coordinate the conditions so as to minimize hassle and stress for you. We will never contact you for a problem we can solve amongst our team of professionals.

Common Home Loan Types



FHA 203B FHA 203K




Hard Money

Hard Money home loans are underwritten against the real estate more so than the borrower's ability to repay out of regular income sources. They are called "Hard Money" simply because they are collateralized by the "hard asset" which is the property itself. Mortgage Money, Inc. is a hard money lender based in Denver.

Mortgage Financing

Curious about loan options? As a licensed Colorado Mortgage Broker, I can pre-qualify and discuss mortgage products as a part of your initial consultation to enable better decision making and planning to avoid surprises. Tell us a little about your situation below and we'll contact you with some options.